Amjad Ali Khan Biography, Age, Career, Awards

Amjad Ali Khan was a very famous and divine sarod player in india.

A well-known Indian composer and sarod performer, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan. The sarod has been developed and moulded over many centuries by Khan’s ancestors, who are the sixth generation of sarod players in his family and were born in 1945 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. Khan says of the sarod, “You might say it’s my family instrument. Anyone playing the sarod now either learned directly from my predecessors or indirectly.”

He has given performances all over the world at venues like the Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, Kennedy Center, Sanctuary Hall (where he was the first Indian performer), House of Commons, Theater Dela Ville, Musee Guimet, ESPLANADE in Singapore, Victoria Hall in Geneva, Chicago Symphony Center, Palais beaux-arts, Mozart Hall in Frankfurt, St. James Palace, and the Opera House in Australia, among others.

Amjad Ali Khan has honed a distinctive sarod playing technique. Compositions based on vocal music, the technical ability to play extremely complicated phrases (ekhara taans) on the sarod spanning three octaves, and the emphasis on simple and graceful compositions are the main novelties in his approach. Most musicians agree that he has unparalleled technical command and control over his instrument.

Amjad Ali Khan
Amjad Ali Khan

Career Of Amjad Ali Khan 

Ustad Amjad Ali Khan was born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, on October 9, 1945. At the Gwalior royal family’s court, his father, Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan, played music. The lineage of Miyan Tansen, regarded as one of India’s best musicians, provided Hafiz Ali Khan with instruction. Amjad Ali Khan was the family’s youngest son. His father served as his first teacher, and he started playing when he was quite little.

At the age of twelve, Amjad Ali Khan performed his first solo recital. He became well-known and one of the greatest sarod players ever thanks to his love of the instrument and enthusiasm for music. Amjad Ali Khan uses his nails to play the sarod in a distinctive manner.

Guitarist Charley Byrd, violinist Igor Frolov, singer Glenda Simpson, guitarist Barry Mason, and UK cellist Matthew Barley were the other musicians who contributed to this production.

In addition to the Opera House in Australia, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan has performed in the Kennedy Centre, the House of Commons, Mozart Hall in Frankfurt, the Chicago Symphony Centre, St. James Palace, and Carnegie Hall. The states of Texas, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and the city of Atlanta have granted the maestro honorary citizenship.

Achievements Of Amjad Ali Khan 

  • Amjad Ali Khan is the first performer from north India to have given a concert at the Thiruvanmiyur shrine in honour of Saint Thyagaraja. Numerous honours, including the Padmashree Award, the Sangeet Natak Academy Award, the Tansen Award, the UNESCO Award, the UNICEF National Ambassadorship, the Padma Bhushan, the International Music Forum Award, etc. have been bestowed upon him.
  • Amjad Ali Khan has two promising sarod players as sons, indicating that the legacy will endure.
  • Amjad Ali Khan is one of India’s busiest classical musicians and has enjoyed a remarkable career lasting more than 40 years. 
  • In 2001, he was given the Padma Vibhushan, the second-highest civilian honour in India.

Amjad Ali Khan Songs

  • Rang Birangi Titali
  • Amjad’s Sarod Sings With The Children Vol. 2 · 2000
  • Lalita Gauri
  • Sarod · 1990
  • Tilak Kamod, Hansadhwani, Kalavati, Durga, Bhairavi
  • Beyond The Sky · 2020
  • Raga Malkauns
  • South Meets North
  • Raag Desh Raagmala
  • Classical Instrumental Sarod · 1994
  • Raga Gaud Sarang
  • Sarod Euphony – Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2017
  • Ekla Chalo Re
  • Ekla Chalo Re · 2022
  • Raga Darbari
  • Sangeet Sataj Vol. 1 & 2 · 2002
  • O Amar Chander Alo
  • Legends Suchitra Mitra Volume 4 · 1989
  • Raga Bhairavi
  • Parampara – Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Aman & Ayan Ali Khan · 2012
  • Calcutta City
  • Moksha · 2005
  • Raga Mian-Ki-Todi
  • Sangeet Sataj Vol. 1 & 2 · 2002
  • Raga Bhupali
  • Sarod Euphony – Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2017
  • Subhalakshmi – Utd Amjad Ali Khan Live
  • Tum Mein Sab Roop · 1995
  • Raga Suddh Sarang
  • Deux Ragas De L’Apres-Midi · 2015
  • Raga Tilang – Raga Tilang – Addha Taal
  • Ragas of Joy – Raga Tilang · 2022
  • Dha Dhin Dhin Dha
  • Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Sings With Children · 2004
  • Raga Maru Behag
  • Sarod Euphony – Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2017
  • Raga Pilu – Drut Gat, Taal Dadra
  • The Best Of Amjad Ali Khan · 2006
  • We Shall – I And Ii
  • The Genius Of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2014
  • Raga Malkauns
  • My Inspirations · 2006
  • Raga Shuddh Sarang – Drut Gat, Teentaal
  • The Best Of Amjad Ali Khan · 2006
  • Raghupati Raghav Rajaram
  • Amjad’s Sarod Sings With The Children Vol. 2 · 2000
  • Raga Bhairavi – Ustad Amjad Ali Khan
  • Sarod Euphony – Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2017
  • Raga Gaud Malhar
  • Sarod Euphony – Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2017
  • Bhairavi
  • Ru-Ba-Ru ( Vol.2)
  • We Shall Overcome Some Day
  • The Genius Of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2014
  • Bhajan – Vaishnav Jana To Tene Re Kahie
  • Touch Of Class · 1990
  • Raga – Kirwani
  • The Genius Of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2014
  • Raga Gunkeli
  • Sarod Euphony – Ustad Amjad Ali Khan · 2017
  • Raga Durga – Drut Gat, Teentaal
  • The Best Of Amjad Ali Khan · 2006
  • Hindustan Hamara Hai

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His playing does adhere to the more ancient dhrupad tradition, and he emphasises the traditional “dara diri” approach with the plectrum made of coconut shell (java). However, his ekhara taans (complex high speed phrases), which many sarod players find extremely challenging to accomplish, are his main innovation. 

Once Amjad Ali Khan questioned his father why the sarod couldn’t keep up with the sitar when it came to taans, paraphrasing him as saying, “My father stated that the sarod was a far more difficult instrument to play, having no frets… it is then that I vowed to build a style where I could match sitar like taans.”

Amjad Ali Khan was a born genius with enthusiasm to encourage new things in his life. He was always keen towards learning and searching for his within skills. His musical play has a long lasting and huge success.

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